Sierra Solis Photography Print Release

_______________ has purchased a collection of engagement and wedding day high resolution digital negatives from a photography session on _______________ with Sierra Solis Photography. The above client is hereby granted a license by Sierra Solis Photography to reproduce and display photographs from the digital files for personal use only, such as for gifts for family and friends, display on Facebook, email sharing, model comp cards, framed prints and scrapbooks. All images posted online must credit the photographer with the byline: ©Sierra Solis Photography. Sierra Solis Photography retains all other rights, including the copyrights to all photographs printed from the digital negatives, including for derivative works thereof, per Title 17 of the U.S. Code (US Copyright Act). The client may not use any  photographs printed from the digital negatives for commercial or editorial purposes, such as for entry into any contest or competition, advertisements, endorsements, or publication in books, magazines, ezines, newspapers or other forms of commercially distributed material without the express written authorization of Sierra Solis Photography. Sierra Solis Photography recommends for printing photographs from the digital negatives, however, we cannot guarantee quality of any prints that are not printed by Sierra Solis Photography or provide technical support for these files. We recommend you back up these digital negatives in several locations. 


Sierra Solis 

Sierra Solis Photography